Pellini Coffee Top 100% Arabica 250/500/1000 GR

30.50 GEL
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One of the most popular coffee blends in ItalySophisticated, sweet, simply delicious.   Pellini Top 100% Arabica Bag of beans, 1000/500/250 g To guarantee...

Pellini - Espresso Bar Vivace n 82 - 500g

42.00 GEL
Coffee Beans Pellini All
Slowly roasted to obtain the strong and distinctive taste of Pellini coffees. It is a blend of Arabica and Robusta beans in the proportions...

Pellini UIK Decaffeinato Coffee beans -500g

52.00 GEL
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Pellini Espresso Bar in grains N. 9 Cremoso - 1kg

82.00 GEL
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Rich and harmonious flavour with the aroma and character of the traditional Italian espresso Miscela Arabica beans washed and natural, Robusta beans natural. Tostatura...

Pellini Aroma Oro (1KG )Beans

99.00 GEL
Coffee Beans Pellini All
The blend consists of high-quality Arabica (90%) and Robusta beans (10%). Thanks to the slow roasting process, the coffee achieves rich and harmonious flavour...

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