VERTUO -Intenso Intensity: 9

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ORIGIN We chose the rare Washed Guatemalan Robusta for its typical cereal notes, its clean and smooth taste, and the unmissable intensity you get from Robusta coffee beans. This Vertuo coffee pod also contains Arabica from Mexico and other Latin American countries. The Arabicas’ subtler aromatics blend smoothly with the Guatemalan coffee. ROASTING We split roast the Nespresso Intenso blend. The Guatemalan coffee gets a long roast - it develops the Robusta coffee beans’ bold and bitter notes. The Arabicas get a shorter, dark roast to lower the acidity and bring out that brown sugar aroma. The split roast and specific grind give Intenso its lingering aftertaste. AROMATIC PROFILE Brown sugar and roasted notes are the signature aromatics of this Vertuo coffee capsule. It’s an intense long black with a distinctly lingering aftertaste and a thick coffee crema.