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Ispirazione Millennio LE :8

Nespresso Original
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Spicy , Hint Of Fruity

Ispirazione Millennio LE :8
Spicy , Hint Of Fruity

What goes around, comes around. History always seems to move in cycles.

The world’s largest café chain was inspired – as we ourselves were – by the Italian stand-up espresso, ritti. Their rendition, however, was to dark roast the Arabicas that were more readily available on the West Coast of America and to blacklist the Robusta species. They moved ever darker and deeper into the terrain of milk-based beverages. An American backlash against this style began in the early 2000’s, favouring fruity and acidic Arabicas, eschewing both the full roasts and Robustas of Italian tradition, as the dark roasts of the US West Coast. The growth of this niche trend inevitably reached Italy as well, the very home of espresso.

Today, Millennio explores this relatively small, new trend, allowing bright washed Arabicas from Colombia to put more fruit flavours into the cup. In a more connected world, trends travel, and the Italian roasters and cafes that inspired us to create Millennio have veered off the traditional track of dark-roasted, robusta-heavy blends, and sought to refresh with their bright new offerings.


Ispirazione Millennio is roasted using the split roast technique. The Indian beans are roasted separately, dark and short, while the other origins are roasted together on a slightly lower temperature - to preserve some of the fruitiness - but also for short time.

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