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Espresso Decaffeinato (50 Capsules)

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135.00 GEL
  • Cereal
  • Intense roasting
Intensity  7

Espresso Decaffeinato (50 Capsules)
  • Cereal
  • Intense roasting
Intensity  7
Bitterness   3
Acidity  2
Body   3
Roasting   3

Dark roasted South American Arabicas with a touch of Robusta bring out the subtle cocoa and roasted cereal notes of this full-bodied decaffeinated espresso.


A selection of South American Arabicas enhanced with a touch of Robusta adds a rich and intense flavour to the coffee.


A short and intense roasting develops its toasted notes and reinforces its body.

Aromatic profile

Grilled and chocolate notes alongside a full body. A very rich aroma is perceptible in both the crema and the coffee.

Milk description

Dash of milk: With a dash of milk, the deep powerful personality and aromas of this espresso are reinforced, further emphasized by a long aftertaste.

Cappuccino: This smooth and tasteful drink is enlivened by subtle fruity and woody hints, which reveal themselves fully with warm milk froth.

Latte Macchiato: The marriage of Espresso Decaffeinato with milk froth enhances its roasted and cereal notes, while displaying a silky texture and sweet but strong character.


Ingredients: Roast and ground coffee without caffeine.

Available packaging:
Boxes of 50 or in tubes of 30 for the tower system
Paper Box Net Weight:  300g – 10.6oz e
Tube Net Weight: 180g – 6.4oz e

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