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Espresso Caramel (50 Capsules)

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Intensity   7
Bitterness   3

Espresso Caramel (50 Capsules)


Intensity   7
Bitterness   3
Acidity   3
Body   3
Roasting   3

Espresso Caramel is a flavored coffee elaborated on a base of Espresso Forte, a complex and intensely roasted blend made from South and Central American Arabicas. The sweetness of the caramel flavor mellows the roasted notes giving birth to a pleasant coffee reminiscent of the browning of sugar.


Milk description

Cappuccino: The addiction of milk tones down the caramel flavor while unveiling coca and nutty notes, resulting in a rounded cappuccino.

Latte Macchiato: The smooth texture of the milk blends perfectly with Espresso Caramel to give a sweet touch to the caramel flavor. Reminiscent of toffee, this delicious Latte Macchiato is characterized by its roundness.


Ingredients: Roast and ground coffee. Caramel Flavoring

Available packaging:
Boxes of 50 or in tubes of 30 for the tower system
Paper Box Net Weight:  300g – 10.6oz e
Tube Net Weight: 180g – 6.4oz e

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