Pellini Top Arabica 100% Decaffeinato Naturale

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Blend of precious 100% Arabica beans with an intense and long-lingering aroma. Natural decaffeination process.


  • Blend

    100% Arabica coffee made of precious beans grown in plantations on high grounds of Africa, Central and South America and washed with a natural process.


    Roasting level: Medium


    Suggested dispensing: 25 ml

    An excellent espresso to be dispensed in 25 ml as set down by the true tradition to intensify both its character and its aroma.


    Compostable: made in plant-based material resulting from the fermentation of crops such as sugarcane, potatoes, corn, etc. OK Compost certified. Self-protected: barred and able to preserve the coffee fragrance and flavour. Capsules compatible with Nespresso®* coffee machines certified by Hanse Control Institute® Germany. FSC® certified pack made of paper coming only from sustainable and renewable sources.


    Natural decaffeination process

    Caffeine is extracted from coffee beans in a selective way using carbon dioxide, a natural element also present in the air we breathe, thus leaving the coffee aromatic profile unchanged.